How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone?

"Is it possible to transfer pictures taken by my digital camera, stored on my HP computer, onto my iPhone? I want to set one of the photos as my iPhone wallpaper."

I bet many of you guys have ever ran into the frustration of unable to find a good way to transfer photos stored on PC to your iPhone. In fact, transferring photos from PC to iPhone is not a big deal. You can use the iTunes to sync, or get a third-party transfer tool to help. So here let me show you how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone via iTunes and a smart iPhone transfer software respectively.

Solution 1: Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone via iTunes

To sync photos from computer to iPhone, the first response you may have is to turn to iTunes for help. Now walk through the guide here to know how to transfer pictures from computer to iPhone with iTunes.

1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. Launch iTunes.
2. In your PC, create a folder for the photos you want to transfer.
3. In iTunes, click your device name and switch to the Photos tab in the right panel.
4. Tick the Sync Photos from option, then choose the folder you just created.
5. Click the Apply button to start to copy photos from your PC to your iPhone.

Here what I should mention is you should be careful about the sync feature of iTunes. If you take a wrong click, you may lose data in your iPhone. Besides, the iTunes will erase the previous photos in Photo Library on your iPhone when you sync. It's rather annoying, right? So want to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without worries? Let's take a look at the next solution.

Solution 2. Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone via third-party transfer tool

Yes! We have another choice to sync pictures from computer to iPhone. That's Leawo iTransfer. It can do more, even better than iTunes. With its help, you can not only copy photos from computer to iPhone, but also keep the previous photos well on your mobile. You will never face the loss of existing pictures. Besides, this transferring tool allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to computer freely. That's what iTunes can't do for you.

In the following part, I will introduce you the simple steps to accomplish the photo transferring task from computer to iPhone, just via Leawo iTransfer. The software also comes with a Mac version, which assists you to sync photos from PC to iPhone on Mac.

Download iPhone Photo Transfer Download iPhone Photo Transfer for Mac

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer
Firstly you need to get Leawo iTransfer free downloaded, installed and run on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. The software will detect your iPhone and the content on your iPhone will be categorized on the left sidebar.

Step 2. Add Photos from PC
To add photos from PC, you should click "Photos" in the left sidebar, then click "Files" on the upper right corner and choose "Add > Add File/Add Folder". If you have already put all your photos into one folder, please choose "Add Folder" option to save time and energy.

Step 3. Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone
The photos transfer from PC to iPhone starts as soon as you choose the files. You can check out the transfer status on the pop-up window. When the full transfer finishes, you will find all photos on your iPhone.

Download iPhone Photo Transfer Download iPhone Photo Transfer for Mac